Wild Rose Balm

Wild Rose Balm

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Wild Rose Balm by Phoenix Botanicals

A nourishing and moisturizing balm with a subtle fresh rose scent. Formulated to absolute sensuousness and perfection with handpicked wild rose petals, infused in skin loving organic oils and organic shea butter. Rose is a beautifying skin toner and moisturizer, with an uplifting, heart-opening fragrance.

A perfect lip balm, also great for small areas of the face, cuticles etc. A luxurious bring-along moisturizer. Rose and rose hips are skin quenching and soothing. Especially helpful for damaged, irritated or dry skin conditions.

Ingredients: organic olive oil, wildcrafted wild rose petals, organic rosehip oil, organic shea butter, local beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic rose essential oil.

2/3oz in violet glass jar